Doing a Overview of InstaMate

Now Im visiting admit, before I started testing this I truly didnt know much about Instagram. Actually I didnt even have an Instagram account, so the very first thing I did was ask Luke to come and maybe have a chat with me. You are able to begin to see the recording in our call below.

Doing a Overview of InstaMate

First let me explain my saying what Instagram is. Its a mobile photo sharing service. Therefore you have a pic in your mobile device after which post it towards the Instagram network to ensure that your followers can see it. This really is great for anyone who wishes to share pictures of cool things they see as they‘re going of their day. For instance a pleasant sunset, a street performer, a funny sign, or perhaps a selfie. But its not so great for anyone who desires to carry out any type of branding and marketing. If you need to share a quote or perhaps a mime, a logo, an item shot or perhaps a cool promotional graphic which you made with any one of another graphic tools which have been put your type of stuck because chances are the ones things wont be in your phone.

Now Instagram does possess a website, you are able to log within your account, you are able to view other peoples stuff, all from the computer. But this is actually the rub, you cant post coming from the website. You are able to only post from the phone. So really your only option if you would like share something from the computer, to Instagram is to make use of your phone to bring an image of your respective monitor.

Honestly when I found out that you may do everything on Instagram from the computer but make posts I simply couldnt believe it. Its silly. Its like they forgot to finish their website maybe. It was eventually a shock to me, and also a serous let down. Instamate Software solves this obvouse deficiency using the Instagram website by letting you post images within your computer, it does greater than that.

In testing, since I didn’t have an Instagram account, the very first thing I did was put Instagram givenfor my phone and create an account. I made use of their setup tool to discover if any one of my Facebook friends also had Instagram accounts and was surprised to discover that many them, both personal and business fiends, where on there. I followed a couple of friends, and really quickly got 30 or 40 followers myself.

The next matter I did was log into my review access for Instamate 2.0 Review. Now something I enjoy being very clear about is InstMate uses a Chrome extension to function.

This means that It‘ll only function upon the Chrome browser. Fortunately though Chrome is likewise the most famous browser in the planet. Installing the extension was quick and straightforward. All I had to carry out was click the “ADD TO CHROME” button and I‘d been aok. I didn’t even need to restart the browser.

Doing a Overview of InstaMate

The very first test was an easy one, and for myself one of the most important one. I made use of Instamate Luxury Edition 2017 to publish an image from my computer to my Instagram account. This to me was the foremost important because as I said its a functionality that doesn‘t normally exist with Instagrams website.

This worked with no hitch and within a couple of minutes I got my first ‘like’ (though its a heart on Instagram ) givenfor my first picture.

With how quick I got my first engagement I got just a little enthusiastic about Instagram. So I wanted in order to make more money posts, and decided it was a lot of fun to test InstaMates search functionality to assist me find more items that I will post to my account. In a couple of minutes I found a very cool quote graphic.

Which I scheduled to become posted to my Instagram account with InstMate and likewise post to my Facebook account (and got instant likes on ). Thats actually a cool side effect from the InstaMate search functionality that‘s worth mentioning. You are able to download the pictures you discover and utilize them as posts on other social networks.

Now you may have realized that I said I ‘scheduled to become posted’. InstaMate provides you a chance to schedule posts for any later date. Though in all honesty that would be a but of the lit down (for myself a minimum of, however it may not be for everybody ).